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flowers outside the funeral home

Vertuccio & Smith Funeral Home provides a wide-range of services tailored to meet your families’ needs, including:

Traditional Funeral Service

Public visiting hours and/or a private viewing followed by a service at our funeral home or in your church. Services conclude with either burial, cremation or entombmemt.

Non-Traditional Funeral Service

Some families prefer non-traditional services tailored to their own preferences, traditions or beliefs.  These arrangements may disregard conventional funeral service customs.  We are eager to offer our creativity and experience in order to help families plan services that are unerringly personalized and flawlessly implemented.

Graveside Service

Clergy, family and friends gather at the graveside location. Public or private invitation is available.


Prior to cremation, some families choose traditional visiting hours at the funeral home followed by a church or funeral home service, while others prefer a public or private memorial reception at the funeral home following cremation. Or families may choose immediate cremation followed by a memorial or graveside service at whatever date is convenient for them.